Let Me (With Audio)

Let Me- Benie (over I Feel Lonely by Jurrivh). MP3/Video.

Play/download the MP3 audio below. Break with me. 💔 😪

I know. I know. I know.
But it’s hard; it is.

What deep down, the heart knows,
The heart holds, the heart conceals—
The real, the truth; plain, bare,
O’, how the heart can feel,
Yet brimmed with emotions,
Emotions that break bounds
Of perseverance—every hold,
Every secret, every truth. Plain.
I know, I know, I know.
It’s hard; it is.

Tears stream down, in twos—
Bitter tears, in my mouth,
In drips, in and down, in,
They flow. I break, I break.
I sit on the floor, I cry.
I cry, the world behind
My back. Life, with its back,
Turned to me, watches and waits
For this human to overcome
What makes him human—
O’, emotions, pain, tears, experience.
Every feeling, I know, matters;
Every now, I know, is meant so.
But for now, I sit, I cry, lakes
Of yesterday, seas of tomorrow
And oceans of today, drown me.
I know, I know, I know.
It’s hard.

Hold on, keep going, keep growing—
Easier to say, easier to say, easier to say—
Life is so. Nature of humanity, so.
How things are and should be.
Let us grow then,
Let us move, let us heal.
But brother, sister,
O’, dear mother, father,
The heart knows,
The heart remembers.
So, when you see me
Sit, slouch, and cry,
Just let me. Let me.
Let me.

Let me break—it is fine!
Let me wallow in my past—the irreversibles.
Let me drown, some more,
In impossibilities
Of the future
And the fear of tomorrow.
Let me. Let me. Let me.
Let me feel this!
Let me feel this humanity
And its pangs, its pains.
Let me tear apart and apart.
Let me burn down to ashes.
For like a Phoenix,
I shall rise.
But for now,
As I sit and cry,
As I fall and break,
Just let me.

I know, I know, I know.
But it’s hard; it is.

Let Me- Benie (over I Feel Lonely by Jurrivh)

6 thoughts on “Let Me (With Audio)

    1. Thank you so much, Cheryl ! ❤ I am glad you loved this piece. Jurrivh does an excellent job ☺. Stay safe too, and be happy! 🙏


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