All There Is: A Narrative Poem (with audio)

All There Is- Benie (over Inspire Me by Michael Ortega). mp3/video.

You can download the mp3 audio below. Enjoy!

The stars, aligned, three as the lucky number,
Mary offered her tears to the dearly departed—
Dears yet etched to the heart, the soul;
Dears, now high beyond the clouds.

Mary, with teary eyes,
A weighted heart,
A mind apart her mind,
A mortal, a human,
With human emotions,
Human feelings;
Only flesh and blood.

She counted her ones, and twos, and threes.
She left her heart on the earth she stood,
She bode farewell to the parts of her
That would soar on such nights, high, beyond
The eye, beyond the heavens, beyond life,
Beyond perceived existence.

Mary, o’… Mary,
With teary eyes,
A weighted heart,
A mind apart her mind,
A mortal, a human,
With human desires, human wishes
And no horses, no hopes left
Only words in tears,
Worlds in ashes.
Mary, only flesh and blood,
For a time;
Away from home, far from home,
For a time;
Torn, forlorn, detached from the living,
For only a time.

“Dear child,” spoke the heavens,
“Cry no more, mourn no mortal,
For all who are home know bliss—
Incomparable happiness;
My sons, my daughters, they are with me,
And with peace and love brims
Their hearts of gold, and no troubles
That before burdened mortal existence
Can threaten them for eternity.
Tears are not weakness—
Feel no shame for your past;
Broken, torn, sad, they are not the end.
Death is only the beginning,
And suffering is in the mind.
Rise, now, and look—
Life resides not in all the places
You seek; look within, dear,
For you are the very definition
Of complete, of whole, of life.”


15 thoughts on “All There Is: A Narrative Poem (with audio)

    1. Thank you so much, Sovely! I am glad you loved the piece and the audio. Your words humble me. ☺
      Lots of love from Kenya. Kind regards, Benie.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I look forward to having you for more, Sovely ☺. I will take good care; please do too.

        Thank you. Best wishes!


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