At The Beginning

When in life we come upon obstacles,
We have to move them and must move on;
Moving on means moving on—
Think about it one way. It means letting go.

Blame, among more, must go.

Move on.
Years have left you stuck
On blame, blaming someone
For something irreversible,
Blaming yourself
For chances lost, approaches
Ignored, relationships broken—
Accusing the world
Of unfairness, of imbalance,
Yet on its imperfections, you rely;
Blaming existence itself—
The universe, the Creator,
For locking possibilities
Inside you.

You are a creator.
Re-create no more, create;
Live not in memory—
Memory holds judgement,
And judgement bears
Pain, hate, regret, fear,
Doubt, doubt, doubt;
Doubt not yourself,
Re-live not what in life
Has passed—the irreversibles.

Live in the present, exist
In now. Notice the little things—
How massive they are!
Your heart will explode
With amazement, with love;
You will sink into the moment,
And you will be—you will live,
You will feel things, among them,
Free, happy, far away, yet present;
You will feel things, among them,
Inspiration to change the world,
To breathe life, where death walks,
Where death whips its strokes
Of final; to nurture beginnings.


Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

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