The Final Step

The preliminaries
Are in dreams, with dares,
And risks at the kick-off.

The first step is to begin,
The next is a challengeโ€”
To keep going; the next
Is good advice in badโ€”
Keep failing. Keep trying.
You cannot stop yet,
Not until the final step
And you will know it,
When you are there.

I have been unable to share anything in a while; I had to wish you a happy Christmas.

Blogging has seen me through phases of insanity, sanity and in-betweens. You have been my family and companions through this journey. Thank you.

The ink had become strange to my mind, the strokes had turned crude; life became hard, thinking, breathing, sleeping, became a challenge. But writing was my safe haven when I saw little in my heart and felt little in the world that was homely. I have since found peace between the pages.

Last year, my son was an awaited guest; this year, he will be oblivious of his first Christmas. Next year, he will be two, almost three years oldโ€”o’, guide us, God, that we make good use of what little time we have. I want to live so that I can watch him live, and grow so that he has all the room he will need.

Merry Christmas! See you in the next post.


Photo by Mitchell Ng Liang an on Unsplash

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