Update 20


I hope this update finds you well! I also hope to be brief and simple today.

Recap & what’s new

Last week, we had poetry on love and discussions about art. I also shared several short stories and a play. I posted audio for the spoken word, 100 Years For Change and shared my first trial for the Dusk Till Dawn short story challenge; a continuation went up today, and more are coming up!

Coming up

Simple Etheree. I did not manage to share more poems for the Simple Etheree Challenge; I may, therefore, bend the rules a little and share the four pieces today.

Reverse & Stacked Etheree. This week, I will take up both last week’s poetry challenge, the Reverse Etheree, alongside this week’s challenge, the Stacked Etheree.

Dusk Till Dawn ends. This week, Dusk Till Dawn will feature the final theme for the short story challenge’s first phase of 12 hours. We will take a fortnight’s break, then begin Dawn To Twilight. I still welcome you to try!

Discussions & stories. This week’s schedule will be a little different. We will have both discussions on Thursday, plus only one short story and one-liners.

In case you missed it…

Read the last update here:

Read the week’s short stories here:

Read the week’s poems here:

Read the week’s discussions here:

Get the week’s fiction and poetry challenges here:

That is all. See you between the lines!


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