Strokes Of Dreams In Art: Love Living It!

The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.

Émile Zola

Life will feel and look different; it will be, the moment you crack through the surface of normalcy. Art is like a bottle you cannot put down once you swig from. It is a dream many do not wake from. It is a love you would not think to walk from. Art is the home you can never compare.

The moment you do it, you know you can never look back. Art demands sacrifice like true love does. She bears a taste you can only have after time with her. You have to know her. You have to trust that she will devour as she cultivates her trust in you. When she does, her love will be nothing like stevia.

When you decide to do it, you will need to put work to it. Art grows like things do, often from nothing. The desire to find burns like a vision of tomorrow—art is tomorrow; it is the future. When you see, you sketch. Over time, you add life to the bones, till the lean is of life. Even when it lives, you could breathe more to it.

Nothing good, or of value, or rewarding comes without work. Put work to what you love. More beauty will grow from it. If you can afford to put work to what you have to, then I believe that you can afford some effort to what you want to; to what you would love to.

A dream will be a lone(ly) journey. If you have decided to walk it, then what point is there in waking? Are you doubting? You have something in you. Close your eyes and dream it—think about lesser. Dare to dream. Dare to walk that lone path. There is completeness. There is life in dreams.


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