My Sunshine, My Sunset, My Wishes

I want to smile, so easily like you do,
So genuinely—full of life, full of love;
I want to laugh, so heartily like you do,
With no thoughts, no sense, more laughter.
How I desire a taste of your calm,
When at times, it is the last you could be!
How I desire a taste of your innocence,
Of the world, this life, the air, the state!

With you, I have what eyes see not
And lack not, even when I should;
Night at twilight, mornings with promises—
Waking, promises of life, of better times,
But nothing matters more than the love
That, for you, blossoms within me, in sunshines;
I wish for more time of happiness with you,
In every sunset—my wishes spill joy on love.

Here are today’s five poems. See you tomorrow!


Photo by Aziz Acharki on Unsplash

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