Update 19

Updated: I erred with the previous title, sorry.


I hope this update finds you well!


Last week, we had discussions and poetry on life during and through the Covid-19 pandemic. We also had short stories, some Nonet poems and more activity (though jumbled) towards the weekend. I could not make posts on Thursday.

Inconsistency. I have recently been inconsistent, sorry. Life has its plans besides what we have at heart.

What’s new

Play. The play, The Lives Of A Dreamer, went live on Sunday, the 29th of November, 2020. It makes my first attempt at playwriting and the start of a journey. Missed it? I will share a link below.

My 5 Nonets. Last week, completing yesterday, I published a total of 5 poems for the prompt, My 5 Nonets. Missed them? I will also share them below.

Coming up

Audios. I would like to make audio versions for selected posts on Benie Writes since January 2020 (when we first went active). I do not have the best tools yet but they’ll do.

Eden Dale too! I will also share audio versions for Eden Dale, a novelette that I worked on earlier this year and more for stories I have and will share. Have you not read Eden Dale by I? A link is below…

Poems. This week, I will share My 5 Simple Etheree poems from last week’s prompt. Join me in the challenge! The next prompt will go up today.

Short stories. I will also share my short story participation for the Dusk Till Dawn Trio Challenge, this weekend (I could not make it last weekend). The next theme will go up today.

Reverse Etheree. A new poetry challenge is coming up for the Reverse Etheree.

Writing and art. Today and on Thursday, we will have discussions on writing and art.

Love. Tomorrow, poetry Wednesday will feature a different theme from discussions (it’s been a while since that happened). The poems will be about love.

Webnovel horror story. Do you enjoy horror stories?Are you on Webnovel? I will be sharing an exclusive fantasy/horror story SOON this month and into next year. Join me! 😀

Whoanoua. I will also resume or restart work on Whoanoua this month, following the path it leads.

In case you missed it…

Read the last update here:

On Tuesday, a poetry challenge went live:

A short fiction weekly challenge also went live:

We discussed life through Covid-19:

I shared two flash stories:

I shared five poems for Poetry Wednesday:

On Friday, we discussed more on life through the pandemic:

I also shared 4 one-liners:

On Saturday, I shared an audio version for the Spoken Word, Endings Not So!:

On Sunday, I shared another spoken word, the full version for Love, Human, Love:

Two flash stories also went up:

Finally, I shared the introduction to a play:

Here are all five of my Nonets:

Here is the week’s bonus poem:

That is all for today’s update. See you between the lines!


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