My Shadow For-ever (A Short Story)

263 words.

Soulmates bumped into each other. Others met on blind dates and others in the last places they’d expect. I met Shadow in the last place I expected.

I was drunk to oblivion and doing a variety of vocal tests—a wail of what should have been a song, or a verse from the Bible. When those failed, I would fail more at poetry.

You-ooo-hu-hu-hu-hu! You… Me… We-hi-hi-hi-hi…! Wee-wee-were-hu-hu-hu-hu… Hmm? Hu-hu-hu-hu…! Once… Once… One! One! Waa! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ho-ho…! He-he…! Hmm? Hu-hu-hu-hu…

Shu…! Black… Black devil! Shu… Demon! Shu-shu!
I… Can see you, see you-ooo-hu-hu-hu-hu
Black… Black like death, death
Death… in you-hu-hu-hu-hu
Eyes… O’, eyes like… death,
O’… death-ooo-hu-hu-hu-hu

I slipped and crashed on my belly. I felt wet suddenly and assumed I was bleeding (embarrassments were due).

I looked up, pressing on the dirty pavement and there was Shadow. Her tail said hi, her still eyes fixed on mine from her sitting position.

“Black creature…” I whispered, “beautiful creature… Hmm…”

After struggling up, I bent back and offered my hand. She was reluctant—I understood.

“Come with me, Shadow, girl. Shadow suits you, yes? My little demon, come with me,” I appealed.

She was not convinced. I squatted and stroked her a little. She purred but did not retreat. I took it for a “yes.” I rose and she came close, then curled herself around my foot, stretched, and purred.

“Come with me, Shadow, girl.”

I walked and she followed.

We don’t talk about it but the memory lives. Shadow has two beautiful kitties now, and a hubby. Forever has not failed us yet.


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