Living With Death Taking: A “We” Pandemic

Death’s ways

Has it felt like a year? Since this menace first visited; do you feel a year older? Death has taken from every end of the world, perhaps this year more than ever. Many have fallen this year, perhaps more than ever. Rest in glory.


This year, more than any before, has forced us to learn solitude. To some, it is beautiful; to others, it is the last thing they need. But life has had its way and so has death. The price of truly living, now, is death. The alternative is to learn to truly live in solitude.

Can it be impossible to be with self? Well, it can be life-threatening. One can breed thoughts of an end to self. But is our company impossible? Is it self that we have a problem with?

Problem and answer

Whatever it is, do not feel like a problem to yourself, (“ever!”) You are your last man standing. When the world walks away-it will-only you will stand for you.

Look within. Are you feeling low? Depressed? Those are the battalions of troubles life promises. You are not the problem.

You can find an answer. You can be the answer. Look within. Is your person in pain? Sad? Talk to you. Tell you, among other words: you are going to make it. Make sure to see the trust in your eyes—you are your last man standing.

Apart, falling apart

For a better part of the year, death forced families to stay apart as others, sadly, fell apart. I recall when our walls first went down, I shared this from an encounter: Enough of this… My wife and kids… I have not seen them in over 6 months.

Death placed a curse on touch, so we could miss, want but avoid or die. It would be best to see and touch through your screen.

The culprits

What aches more is not the damage death is doing. There are things we could have done and still can do better. We had chances, as always, to be human. As always, we could not. Can we? Will we ever?

Death looms but these lands already stink of hate, ambition, every kind of evil—no hope, it seems, for change. But the world is not as important to conquer as ourvselves!

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