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Where Life Lived

It had always filled my heart with love—
The freedom in nature, the beauty in it:
The rising sun, setting, the chirping birds,
The hissing trees, chatter, the cool breeze.

Nature brimmed with what within I desired:
The calm in chaos, if raptured, in silence—
The anchorage of self in unpredictability
And through howling winds of impossibility.

Some things in life stretched away from reach:
The freedom that, rich in nature, I breathed—
The flavor of purity, the raw flavor of life;
The completeness in being, in peace, loved or not.


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Benie Langat

Benson Langat is a poet, fiction writer, and freelancer. A dreamer, he realizes a world of possibilities through stories and explores life in poetry. Benie is a dad and lives in Nairobi, Kenya.

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    1. That is sad😥 their songs breathe life into the air… They sing love and peace. Also sad that it’s oppressive and depressive!


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