December Became December Overnight

Seconds of adversities V.2 (bonus)

I blink,
And the rain starts
To fall—
It is the tenth time
In November;
It has been a while
Since it rained
In November.
November… November…

I blink,
And it is a few days
To December—
It has been a year
Since… Since…
Last December!

We blinked,
And death loomed—
It picked, and fed,
With no hurry;
It yet feeds.

We blinked,
And the world population
Went down and down,
The threat of death
Winning, o’, death—
Feeding to no fill!

We blinked,
And for a year,
It became a muddle,
Fighting for humanity
And fighting humanity.

We blinked,
And as situations worsened,
Situations blossomed elsewheres,
Elsewhere… Elsewhere… Elsewheres.

I blink,
And my son is so tiny—
He fits in a single palm.
I blink,
And he will be crawling
In a month or two.

I blink,
And find myself
Where I was
As the year started;
Now, it is ending…

Poetry Wednesday is live 😍 see you between the lines!


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