Are We Human Underneath? V.2

No creature smiles as much as a human,
Equipped with all the muscles for it;
We don’t waste them, few humans do—
Humans smile at anything, anything…

You could feel dark as night within,
But a human walks up to you, smiles…
You spread sunshine from the pits in you;
Most are fake, but does it ever matter?

We journey our lives with bags on our backs;
Packed with hate, jealousy, ambition, and worse,
We feel ready to face anything—bring it on!
Face anyone, anywhere; are we not humans?

Well, where did humanity go?
Did we forget her somewhere? Left her?
Did we ever have her? Was she an illusion?
A possibility for what is now impossible?

We slung more bags, on our backs,
Loaded with love, copies of them;
Plenty of distributions to make—
Things of free should be enjoyed!

“Do you feel different? Look different?
A path for you, Master, hail thee…”
We made ourselves titles: kings, lords—
We turned this land ours; who was it meant for?

Death is a trade of life,
Oppression is a way of life,
Money seems everything in life;
I wonder, what is this life?

Where did humanity go?
Did we leave her somewhere? Forgot her?
Will we ever have her? Is she an illusion?
An impossibility, what could have been possible?

That is all for today! See you tomorrow.

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