A Man’s Ways V.2

From nature, sprouts life
And yet, with her, we war—
We take this from her,
She retaliates with that.

Air, once rich with freshness,
Now stinks of death—it looms;
So pungent, it chokes as it takes.

O’, mother, apologies!
For that which we know
Not yet it angers you;
Forgive our ignorance.

We fight among ourselves,
Despite the coming war
That needs us bound—
We are torn, we are gone.

Some have hope,
Hoping it doesn’t fail;
Others have faith,
“Failing is learning.”

I could preach good
Till my throat burns,
Till my fingers ache,
But there is no good.

There is no good
Left in humanity—
Not in the end,
Not in the end’s end.

Admitting is sad—
Change is far,
Far from possible;
Ignoring is our way.


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