My Time With Self

Alone (bonus)

In solitude, I found the self that in crowds I lost—
A piece that in sanity, could not exist in peace,
Alone; a controversy, to even I, who in its pool,
Swam; I, who in its robe, clothed from cold.

There was a time before, and before before;
A time when knots of strange could unwind,
A time of transition from self to something,
A time of understanding little to nothing.

There was a time before, and before before;
A time when the world swam, swam around me,
A time when I blinked and days passed not.
Now, drifting, so strange is every concept.

I want not much but time with self—a headless self,
With less thoughts of less self, and less noises in self…
About the world, from the world, singing, crying…
About this, about that, that I am weary of.

A discussion is coming up; see you!


12 thoughts on “My Time With Self

  1. Wonderful poem, Benie! Repetition is very effective. I like the way the poem builds momentum till, in the end, the speaker is so bothered by even his own thoughts that he wishes to be “headless.” It all seems quite tongue-in-cheek and good-natured, but it effectively points out the value of solitude. ❤ Have a great weekend, Benie!

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    1. This is beautiful❤ Repetition indeed worked for the poem; and the resigned climax… I love how our minds communicate between these lines and I am happy that this piece spoke to you and you liked it😊 have a great weekend too, Cheryl!


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