Finding, Knowing, and Loving Yourself

Knowing You

What do you love to do? Do it. If you are not sure what it is, find out. Dedicate some time to yourself. Expose yourself to possibilities. Before you explore and connect with the world, look within yourself.

“You” time

How do you begin your days? Coffee in bed? Your phone in text? Workout? Meditation? It could be anything.

Does your morning routine allow some “you” time? How much time do you get to reflect on your life and think about the day ahead?

You could spend an hour working, or you could spend 15 minutes preparing, and 45 minutes doing it with more ease… Familiarity.

Loving you

A five-minute exercise in the morning could brighten your day, loosen your thoughts. If you are a runner, then you probably share the experience of watching your life go up and down with your jogs… And it is beautiful, to have that time to think.

Do you meditate along the day? Depending on what you do, your head could feel like it is cracking by mid-day. If you could breathe for only five minutes! But five minutes can also feel like forever when you don’t have your phone or are not staring at a screen. But if you could breathe… The next few hours could feel less hellish.

Learning enlightens. Read books, watch movies, participate in discussions—learning is growth. As you do, you are at a humble and receptive point, which is a good place to be with your first best friend.

Finding you

Your spiritual growth is as important as your physical and mental well-being. Belief is the beginning of ignorance, I once said, but also agreed that to believe in nothing is foolish. Ground yourself. It does not have to be a confine of today’s faith… Find what you believe in.

Personal responsibilities can help dedicate you some time. You can use that time to seek yourself… Know yourself. Organize your thoughts and life as you do this and that.

Do you like how the cool air smells, or how the breeze feels on your skin? Do you like to watch birds, or children move in chatter? Do you like the warmth of the sun, or the rumble in the sky? Does the blue above and in the ocean drown your heart in delight? The universe is yours. You will never lack, even when you feel you do. You are surrounded by life—live!

Travel and see the world; there is so much to it, human… So much in it for you. So much possibility, so much unexplored… Do not root yourself to one spot. Like pollen, let the winds of freedom disperse pieces of you all over—go places, see things, meet people!

This may not seem like a journey but steps you take turn into miles, then a story.

Save some of you

A sad fact about the world is that it takes endlessly from us. It is life. But human, why don’t you save the most important pieces to yourself?


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