You Before You Against The World

There is you (bonus)

I have never felt so old in one year.
This year has felt both long and short,
This year has been loss in multitudes,
It has been pain, it has been memories
Lost and memories of eternal made.

This year has been a trying one,
More trying than a year of the worst
That God can forbid, O’, Lord, do!

This year has been more trying,
Because we were used to things
Beyond our control, now we have it
And sadly, keeping up gets tiresome.

But when you decide to tire of care,
Do you think of someone who does
And yet they die? Where is the fair?

This year has been more trying,
Because unlike other times,
It is up to us to be there for us,
Entertain us, give us company;
A source of life, breaths of it…
And we’ve needed to survive—
That too has not been easy.

Do not feel lonely when you are alone—
It is a gift, I would treasure it, o’, do!
Because you matter and are important,
It is important to appreciate you.

Perhaps, you feel tired of trying to live;
Do not tire to live, trying is not enough—
Life is free, when you can, take it, grab it!
Enjoy it and savor every moment…
Every second with you, forget the world—
It is you first, what makes you smile;
It is you first, before you against them,
Or you with some against many.
First, there is you, there is you…

Life was not meant to be easy—
It is a puzzle that we are born into;
We grow in it, trying to control it.
We mostly fail at it, almost always…

Grow in it, grow in you, and see
That it is you that matters first—
Look within you, look for and find you.

Detach from sorrow, from thoughts
Of failure, of weakness—they are fog,
But look! The sky is clear for you, look…

Some souls rise during this time;
Others lie on the earth, forgotten…
We could mourn them, every day;
Every day of our lives,
Or we could honor them
By living our best lives.

You don’t need money, or fame,
You don’t need immunity against
The worst that nature can serve.
You don’t need immortality,
Or a long life—it doesn’t matter.

You need you, to find you, to love you.

When the end comes, which will,
You will be with the one person
That cannot leave your side to the last
You will have someone that matters—you.

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