Because You Can, Live!

The air is polluted, now life hosts death.
Life is yet lived by some, as others fall
But falling is human, we all eventually do;
May our fallen rest in power, our heroes.

The sun is shy, most mornings in November;
I was born in November, perhaps why I’m shy.
The rain is moody in December, she feels cold;
I grow older every December, and feel colder…

But human, listen! O’, listen to the birds—
How beautiful their songs… How glorious a day…
Human, look! The sun has smiled, how rare of her…
She feels warm, o’, enough to burn my cold, o’…

A wind tickles some leaves and they giggle,
“Come on, stop it!”
I gaze in awe, in amazement…
The clouds come around to plot, they chuckle;
Pumping their tanks, pumping their rage, o’…

Human, dear human, the world brims…
It brims with life, look! Nature has beauty
And love in galores, human, look!
The universe is home, you are never lost.

As you sit in the rain, as it whips your troubles,
As you smile at the sun, approaching after dawn,
As you run in the wild, bless the earth with a smile…
The universe pulses, it lives, so that you be—so live!

That is all for Poetry Wednesday. I hope you enjoy(ed) today’s five.

See you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Because You Can, Live!

  1. Its distinctive how you can use written words to construct an explicit image of reality in one’s mind. It is almost as if you are showing the most absorbing scene of a movie. Ah, Bennie, you are the best.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Hanningtone. You have been so supportive of my dreams since before they had names. I am happy that I have been leaving that smile you always did on my face, in your heart🙏 thank you for walking with me, man… I hope to never disappoint!


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