A Lifetime Of Life

How unfortunate, to lose self, searching…
To find self, not outside, and not within,
To meet forever along the corridors
Of doubt, of fear, with darkness around.

How sad, to give a world that only takes…
A world that only gives pain, sorrow, grief;
A world that cares first that it lacks not
Than it does what we give, o’, how sad!
That yet we give, with hands that feel…
Enslaved, enchained, in freedom we seek!

Fear was always welcome, with my eyes shut.
One time, I braved and opened them to see;
I looked within me, searching through darkness—
What once shone so bright, glimmered in solitude.

There is you, in two, in three, four, and as many,
As many as you like; there is a hundred and more.
Alone happens even with people, even with someone,
But within, you are never alone—all the pieces of you…
Get to know them; it can take a lifetime… a lifetime
Of life!


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