You Matter To You

You for you (bonus)

As the sun sinks below the earth,
As the east shines in the morning,
A life has ended and another started,
A day has passed, that cannot be re-lived.

We live, we meet, we love, and we split…
We live, we meet, some die, some don’t
Before their time, but we live, and meet,
Even in death, until death is life’s part.

How sad that forever expires in us,
As we search for what is within us,
As we look for life in others, not in us;
How sad… to learn forever, searching…

As we watch the sun dim on our lives,
As we lose those once sunshine to us,
Some darkness engulfs pieces of us,
Darkness grows until it is all over us.

As we brood, which is good—it is human, o’, human,
As we look back to what is lost, which is human, o’…
As we live, meet, love and split, as we live
In oblivion within reality, insanity in sanity…
We lose pieces of us, undiscovered, unexplored;
We lose time with us, to learn from us and grow.

“If I knew me better,”—some day’s thought,
“I would perhaps handle me better…
I would perhaps appreciate me more…
If I knew that the world didn’t matter,
More than I did to me;
Me to me, me to me…


8 thoughts on “You Matter To You

  1. There over 7million people in the world and only one you cherish your uniqueness. That is something our Reiki master passes on to us at the end of the day’s class. I am passing on to you. The other is never drive faster than your angels can fly. 😉🙏Namaste

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