My Poetic Five Challenge: Nonet Poem


This week’s theme will be My 5 Nonets.

What is a nonet poem?

It is a style of composition for a poem with nine lines. The lines are written in descending syllable-order, beginning with nine syllables for the first line, then eight syllables for the second line, seven syllables for the third… it descends on to the ninth line, which has one syllable.

Subject? Rhyme?

A nonet does not have any subject or rhyme recommendations. Think of something, write it your way in the 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 syllable order and see what comes of it.

Are these rules?

In poetry, I like to regard them as recommendations. You can experiment on something, anything; have fun!

My first trial

Better Farewell
I have thought of many ways to say
This but I always end up here,
Wordless, confused and unsure...
Now I know, there is no
Better way to say
Some words that need
Not be said—

The challenge…

Between today, November 17th, and next Tuesday, November 24th, write at least one nonet poem a day for any five days. You can share as many as you would like a day, also for the whole week. However, please ping only one of your pieces a day for the five days to this post.

My 5 Nonets prompt


Read My Poetic Five Challenge (for more information)

My second trial

Morning Peace
A glorious morning, beautiful—
A promising state, birds agree;
Birds sing songs so beautiful,
Breathing life into air
And a breeze blows by,
Touches my heart;
A gentle breeze
Of life—

Coming up…

Related to a nonet, is an etheree.

What is an etheree poem?

It is a style of composition for a poem with ten lines. The lines are written in ascending syllable-order, beginning with one syllable for the first line, then two syllables for the second line, three syllables for the third line… it ascends on to the tenth line, which has ten syllables.

See you between the lines!

Join me for endless, fun activity😃 Every week, I challenge you to write 400-800 words of short fiction and five poems. Are you up for it?

A poem, discussion and story are coming up. See you😊

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