Update 17


I hope this update finds you well!


Last week, we had poetry and discussions on mental health. Over the weekend, I shared eight sets of short stories. A weekly short fiction challenge, Dawn To Twilight Trio Challenge, also went live.

What’s new…

  • Poetry prompts. I promised an update and today I am excited to announce that the prompts are ready!
  • Dawn To Twilight Trio Challenge is in its second week. Join me… Do you have or can think of a story? I will begin sharing mine this week and hope to read yours!

Ripe for Passage- Benson Langat

Published by AfroRep

This short fiction tells of a 14-year old African boy who discovers wonders about his tribe, as he undergoes a rite of passage.

Ripe for Passage- Benson Langat
Tap/click to read

“I was ripe by virtue of age, maturity, and conformity to the tribe’s traditions. I did not, however, feel “ripe” enough. I felt meek, tiny, and deficient in courage—but all that would change when I realized what more circumcision would mean to my life…”

Coming up

  • I will confirm on Thursday if Friday’s play will be ready.
  • This week, we will have discussions on finding, knowing and loving yourself.
  • Last Tuesday and Thursday, I could not share short stories; I will have at least two ready for this week!

In case you missed it…

Read the last update here:

On Tuesday, a short fiction challenge went live:

We also had a discussion on mental health and suicide. Read it here:

On Wednesday, I shared five poems for Poetry Wednesday. Read them here:

On Thursday, we had a discussion on appreciating yourself and the beauty in you (also under mental health). Read it here:

I shared a spoken word poem on Friday:

On Saturday and Sunday, we had a total of eight flash stories. Read them here:

Here are the week’s bonus poems:

That is all for today’s update! Watch out for a post detailing the poetry prompt.

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