My Poetic Five Challenge

Do you love poetry? It is something different to everyone but above all, it is expression.

Here is a challenge to keep you writing, to take you on a poetic journey and to keep your engagement with poetry alive

The challenge

Every week, write five poems (in any 5 days). I will share a theme on Mondays/Tuesdays, beginning with poetic styles/forms. With time, we will explore more poetic avenues.

Rules of engagement

  • To participate, write at least one poem every day for five days of a week.
  • Work your poem around the week’s theme.
  • Ping only one piece a day for the five days to that week’s challenge (I will share a prompt every week, with the theme).
  • Poetic styles have formatting recommendations. Since this is not a contest, it is okay to (reasonably) bend the rules.
  • Attach the photo below somewhere in your post to identify with the challenge.
  • Remember to indicate the week’s theme somewhere in your piece.

That is all for now. I will pin this post to the top of my blog. Whenever you will need to refer, just check here.

I will also update this post, should need be and I will be sure to notify you of significant changes.

The first challenge will go up tomorrow, Nov. 16th. Dawn To Twilight Trio Challenge will also pick up tomorrow. See you then!


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