At The Edge? Hold On (Spoken Word)

Hello there,
Are you there? At the lowest point of your life…
Are you alone? Doubting if you are going to make it?
Is your heart feeling heavier by the minute? Are your eyes misty?
Is your head falling apart? Do you feel no hope?
No hope for tomorrow, no hope for healing?
Hold on… (Hold on…)

Are you alone, walking this hellish place on sore feet?
Are you tired of trying, falling, breaking at it and—
And losing yourself, starting over, and falling over and over again,
Are you in pain? Torn? Feeling that no stitches
Can ever fix pieces of you? Are you feeling gone,
Gone with the wind as it blows…
Gone with the rain as it falls…?
Are your thoughts getting colder and darker every night?
Is the desire for an end to the torment creeping in with the darkness?
Are you doubting if tomorrow was meant for you?
Hold on… (Hold on…)

Are you there? At the lowest point of your life…
Feeling like a failure? Feeling like a loser at life?
Do you look out the window sometimes and count only emptiness?
Do you see the sun rise and fear another day of trials?
Disappointments? Do you fear what a minute
Could mean to your life? To your already unpleasant state?
Do you ever feel that giving up is the next logical step?
Do you wish an end to your troubles, some calm and peace?
Inside you is light, inside you is beauty
There is all that matters to only you
Hold on to it.

I will, hopefully, share an audio version within 24 hours… See you tomorrow!

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