Let Go and Let Light Grow

Let Light Grow In You

You do not need a good reason to appreciate yourself. You do not have to dream the world, be the best in anything, or live life any other way than would make you happy. Getting through 24 hours in one piece is an achievement—be proud of it when you do.

Whether you are in rags, or an empty stomach… whether you are jailed for life, or are sick and tired… whether you lost everything you had, or parts of you to retain life… when you see the sun rise, whisper, “Thank you.”

I had a conversation with someone and shared the view that nobody asks to be put in this world. But it is worth the experience! It can feel like heaven and hell, but when there is a chance to live, there is something to be happy about and thankful for.

It is hard to appreciate life, however, when you do not appreciate the things that complete it. One of the most significant components of life is you.

Let go

Late nights and sad thoughts, I once said, are no good combination. But can you help it? Sometimes, it is not up to you! It is easy to find yourself there… unable to sleep, cold, empty; a mixture of emotions whirling in you. It is okay not to be okay.

Why are you sad? Did you fail to achieve something? Did you lose someone or something? Did you fight? Is it work? A relationship? Is it complicated? You know why. Hold it. Know it. Remember it. Remember what troubles you—it is one way to pull through.

Human reaction to situations is a phase. Things will happen and you will be tested. It is okay to be human. But how things spin the next couple of days, weeks, months, and even years is up to you. It is hard, perhaps sad, but up to you.


There is so much beauty in you! It matters… a lot. Do not fill your mind with negative thoughts, with fear of weakness… do not look down upon yourself; when you have lost it all, you are all you have.

Do not hurt yourself with a past you cannot change, or harm yourself for a future you wish to control… what is in your hands can be greatness; do not turn it into a weapon of destruction.

Know and love you

Love yourself more than anything, dear human. I have always found it strange to not know what you love to do (it is not a fraction of the love you can afford you). What do you spend your time doing? Time…

Do you dedicate time to only you? Exploring you? Getting to know who “you” really is? Talking to and soothing you? It helps a ton! There is beauty within us; when you see it, treasure it.

My hope is that you learn to let go of pain, of negativity, or sadness, for some darkness will accompany you wherever you carry them. Why don’t you let the light in you grow?

See you tomorrow!

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