When You Fall and Fall

The time ticks and the hour wakesโ€”it is 2 am;
The world would be asleep, most humans would be,
But in the AM, roam souls, alive but dead within.
Others brood with the moon and the stars,
Most who are sleepless, this late in the AM,
Are either causing someone trouble,
Or drowning in a mental sea of trouble.
Loneliness whips with the hissing wind,
Sadness creeps in through the darkness,
Emotions, tons of them, sink your weakling heart…
And you let them, and let tears wash your cheeks;
You let them, feeling your anchor give way, and break.
Falling is easier than rising, you feel, it is effortlessโ€”
All you have to do is close your eyes and let go…


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