The Hypnotic Tune V.2

Of inSANITY (bonus)

What is sane? Who is sane?

We live on loops as much as oxygen, water and food.
We develop reliance and like drugs, they feed on us.
We think we control life, make it, “more manageable,”
But then lose our minds to hypnosis—an eternity of it!
Indeed, absolute control works too—chain you, and life will be
And when nothing works, break your neck and life pays too…
But does it? Or does it play its tune on long after you’re gone?

We take it in pints, then gulps and when it does not burn…
We light fire within us, raze down the little of us left.
Are we playing by anyone’s rules, or are we being played?
Would you rather play to anyone’s tune in this strange place?
Of course, submission is an option; with life, a safer option.
Let us lose ourselves and live with no heads; slowly, slowly,
We lose meaning, we lose sense of the very life we try to keep up with.

Our children are born into the hypnosis we are drunk in;
We cage them in systems that, really, care less about them.
We yell at them to produce what hypnosis demands of us;
We lose the very ties of blood for things that matter not!
We watch the future generation that would be the hope;
Hope we drowned in our growing sea of illusioned sanity—
We watch them walk into cells that have pinned our lives
In endless struggles, in poverty, in mental retardation…
And what do we do? We assure them it is the only way to life,
Even force the reluctant ones to “play by the rules”; by sanity.
What has this hypnotic tune of inSANITY done to us!

Poetry Wednesday is live! 😍 More poems are coming up… walk with me.

The Hypnotic Tune V.1

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Photo by Emiliano Vittoriosi on Unsplash


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