Dawn To Twilight Trio Challenge

Dawn To Twilight Trio Challenge is a weekly/monthly writing challenge. Every week, share three progessive hours of a character’s life in the related parts:

  • Nano (6-50 words) – first hour
  • Micro (100-250 words) – second hour
  • Flash (300-500 words) – third hour

In the first part, nano, tell your character’s first hour of the week’s challenge. Proceed to micro in the second hour and flash in the third.

This is a new concept to me and hopefully, to you too. I would understand if you get confused. For more information, read this post (if either you have not or need to do it again).

This week’s time begins at 6 am:

  • 6 am (6-50 words)
  • 7 am (100-250 words)
  • 8 am (300-500 words)

Rules of engagement

  1. So that I can read and collect your post(s), with your blessings, please pingback to this post. Yesterday’s post was more general, looking into both trio challenges; this one is specific to only the Dawn To Twilight Challenge.
    • The time of your pingback will determine that part’s order in the collection; it is, however, not everything, so do not rush.
  2. Add the photo below this list somewhere in your post, to identify with the challenge.
  3. It is easy to make errors all the time, but it is also possible to note and correct them in time. Let us strive to make the quality that goes into the collection impeccable.
    • If Sunday is catching up, you will still have till the end of the month, or slightly longer.
  4. If you would prefer to send your participation by email, then please (briefly) indicate in the subject that you are submitting for the prompts/challenge. Something along the lines of, “Writing/fiction prompt/challenge subission” will do.
  5. For all participants: title your work as you would your story… this is your story. A single title at the start, and, depending on your style, you can also label your chapters (feel free to have your way of handling them, as long as it does not affect consistency with time)
  6. Always indicate the time tou are writing on, just before typing the story. If it is 7 am, then let that go on the first line.
  7. Credit your story at the end of your week’s trio, to make compiling easier.
  8. On multiple submissions, it depends. If you are submitting for the collection, then three is the limit for each week, or generally, 12 for a half-cycle.
    • However, you can share as much stories as you would like and if interested in the collection, ping or submit only the weekly three.
Attach this to your participations

I will stick this and the previous post to the top of my blog feed. My home page is an “About,” so you should find the two on the menu to your left.

Benie Writes Menu

They will either be at the very top of the blog feed…

Sticky post

Or under Short Fiction Prompts

Check them whenever you need to.

Any concern(s), question(s) or comment(s)? Talk to me!

See you between the lines and pages.

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