Update 16


I hope this update finds you well!


Last week, we had discussions and poetry about life, work, art and your interests. We also had plenty of short stories over the weekend. Here is what’s new:

  • AfroRep shared one of my African short fiction stories! Read it here.
  • Benie Writes has a new look😃 Here is the old us…
Benie Writes before
Benie Writes before

This is the new us

Benie Writes after
Benie Writes after

Why don’t you pay a visit to https://benie.blog? Have a look around… I am not done revamping, but it is good to go.

  • Weekly short fiction prompts. I promised to host weekly fiction prompts, beginning this week. I am excited to announce that they are ready!

Dawn To Twilight Trio Challenge

Dawn To Twilight Trio Challenge- by Benie Langat

Dusk Till Dawn Trio Challenge

Dusk Till Dawn Trio Challenge- by Benie Langat

I will make two posts detailing them.

  • Poetry prompts. I also promised to update on the poetry prompts for next month’s newsletter. A few things have changed. Unlike before, I will not prompt a specific topic but rather, a poetic form/style, among other general themes.
    • Since I have been preparing the short fiction, this may take till the next update to get ready. I will share more information then.
  • Plays. This week’s play is already in the kitchen but I do not wish to rush it.
    • Should it not be ready by Thursday, I will share it in the coming week.
  • Flash-fiction. In the last update, I was going to share some of my flash and short fiction stories (on Mondays). This had to change because of the prompts. I will, however, distribute stories to Tuesday and Thursday.
    • This week’s discussions will be on mental health. I may also work around the same theme with poetry.

Alone With Death

I will need one more week to get Alone With Death ready. Watch out for the next update!


Plenty of new stuff are coming up, so, I would like to hold off on the newsletter, until most things are grounded and running.

Coming up

  • I had plans to make my first short fiction submissions to literary magazines last month, but life! I am still working on getting there and you will be the first people to get progress updates.
    • I plan to make poetry submissions as well this month.
  • As I have been indicating below my recent spoken word poems, performances are coming soon!
  • I learned about Patreon only a month or so ago. Should good health and life allow, I will sell you my first package in 2021! My aim between now and then is to ensure you get your money’s worth.
    • In the stories I share, I also hope to show you what you should expect of me. This is my first time getting my stories outside Wattpad and Inkitt.

On selling

Before I quit law, I was many things besides a writer. I would not sell my content because it was not worth a penny. Now, writing is all I do and I love it. It is art. And I believe that art is for the world to see. Your support just keeps these hands going and working harder. I will present the best I can and hope it will be worth it.

  • Poetry collection. I announced a poetry collection of at least 200 poems but I could not manage to complete it due to personal challenges. I am slowly feeding it with pieces you will like, besides ongoing projects.
    • It will be free like a majority of my works.

Have you read Three Woven Worlds? It is my shorter collection on love…

Three Woven Worlds (a poetry collection)- Benie Langat

Download Three Woven Worlds here:

In case you missed it…

Read the last update here:

On Tuesday, we had a discussion on juggling work with your life/interests. Read it here:

On Wednesday, I shared 5 poems under Poetry Wednesday. Read them here:

On Thursday, we had a discussion on how you can tackle different projects besides work, school or other engagements. Read it here:

On Friday, we had a spoken word poem. You can always find it here:

On Saturday, we had 4 flash stories and a longer piece later in the day. Read the stories here:

On Sunday, we had flash fiction all day. Read the stories here:

Here are the week’s bonus poems:

That is all for today’s update. Watch out for two posts detailing the prompts!

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