Simple Strokes in Silence: Flash-Fiction (4 One-Liners)

Absent Fondness
We grew closer apart.
(4 words)

Lover’s Paths
Vows, but love, were (ex)changed.
(5 words)

Life in Dreams
I contemplate love we never shared.
(6 words)

Immortal Souls
Death did not end you in us.
(7 words)

Hello! I hope you are well. Like yesterday, we will have three more sets of flash-fiction stories, then a longer piece later in the day. Today’s “longer” piece may come between 250-500 words.

In case you missed it, Moses and Dried Roses went up, with 1,408 words (a 12 minutes’ read). I hope you enjoy(ed) it and today’s stories!

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