Alive In My Thoughts (A Short Story)

258 words.

“Two, please…”

I had been absent-minded for a while. I stood there, watching services exchange hands. I did not notice her, until she was so close. Her cool breath tingled as she mouthed the words.

Over her shoulder, was a bag, large enough to carry anything. She bent to it, checking something, or everything. Seeking her face, I thought, would look strange. I waited, allowing my thoughts to settle themselves like dust.

She looked up—how simple, yet striking! Her hair curled with an artistic touch. Her eye brows looked like they had just been touched and her lips… O’, what a natural dry!—she did not bother them.

I watched as she turned and asked for something else. My God! I thought. A smile surfaced over her face and spread as she stretched out a hand. Please… I thought, please… Behave. I tried. My body could not.

She looked my way, a broader smile on her face and said, “Hi,”

I was startled, lost of words. My heart throbbed, blood raced. Then came a cheerful reply from behind me—her friend.

“Thank you,” she finally said as she took her order.

To exit, she would have to walk by me. My blood pressure spiked as she approached and passed… like the wind; sometimes, with no hurry, but with force and finality.

A sigh escaped my lips moments later. Her impression was still there… Her fresh fragrance, simple smile and cute, tiny hands.

I will remember you, I thought, we have parted in body but not in soul.


The End.

I hope you enjoy(ed) today’s stories 😊 A new week begins tomorrow and a new wave of activity. Monday to Sunday. See you!

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