Life’s Lines: Flash Fiction (4 one-liners)

Stories are one way to sketch the world on a page. I am just a writer with a job to do—breathe life to my imagination. You do not, therefore, need an entire book to tell that story. A line can say so much, with the right words woven together.

This is my first trial at flash fiction and I already love it! Join me—write and share a story in a line; see what comes of it. From Monday, I will be hosting flash fiction prompts… join me then too.

Sad Survivor
A ghastly accident took everything but him.
(7 words).

Bargaining Life
Make a human rich if you want to live.
(9 words).

Polluted Trust
A breeze swept gently by, but we could not trust anything.
(11 words).

Old Norms
I long for the days, when we could touch, without fear of death.
(13 words).

Three more sets of such stories are coming up, then a longer piece of 1,000-2,000 words later in the day. See you between the lines!


Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash

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