Your Giant and Baby Projects: Work & Life

Working with time

Balancing work with personal projects may not always be easy. On Tuesday, we looked at how you can have a productive day and grow on your interests. In today’s article, why don’t we discuss what you can do during your free time?

Giant or baby?

If you have a project or will, is it (going to be) a giant or baby project? You could have both. Either way, you will need time. I am a writer; my projects (giants and babies) are all (currently) writing-related.


My giant projects are, as you would guess, lengthy, thorough and in-depth. How do you tackle a giant without getting knocked off your track or extinguishing your fire?

Morning hours are lovely, beautiful; this is when your mind can work at full-gear if you wake it. You know about the early bird; don’t doubt the guarantee. You can dedicate such early times to that report, school-work, or manuscript.

There is a sense of fulfillment with beginning your day by getting things done. Depending on how attached to your projects you can be, you may have to revisit your giant the following morning, so there will be that to smile to. You, perhaps, additionally have a baby project awaiting you departure from work, so, there will be that to look forward to.


My “babies” are usually short, daily projects that have a meaning to me. It could be poetry or a short story. Having a simple project infused into an evening schedule can spark some anticipation, so working doesn’t feel as labourous. If we feel the same way, then art could be your reward, a token for your hard work. If you are different, you could have varied preferences.

You need to love what you do. If you don’t like your work, then at least fall for your projects. Unlike giants, which can be mandatory, a baby project, should be something you’re interested in and (most importantly) one that you can do within a short time and with less strain.


What comes after a day of a giant reduced, work quashed and some art done? Recreation! Connection… learn a little, eat and rest!

Work should not affect our progress with personal lives/interests; it can only be the only thing we do if we love it.

See you tomorrow!

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