Let What You Love Live

Doing it (bonus)

Sometimes, we have everything we need in life…
It is just how it looks, how it looks that troubles;
Like your room, if you do, or your desk, or locker,
Put your thoughts in order—your life will follow.

Start a day with delight—do what you love;
Uplift your soul, even when it feels low.
There is a way, to look through the haze—
Before you work, dear, do what you love.

Don’t swallow big chunks at night—
When you are free and your soul is awake,
Don’t go fishing in the lake; a river would do.
Save some time and juice, for the day ahead.

And my hope is that you find a way, o’, human!
To let your fire burn, even when you feel hot—
Life gets tough, nature wouldn’t want it soft,
So, find a way to let not your candle go out.

See you for today’s discussion in a few hours!

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