What Is Yours Is Everlasting

Within all, blossoms something of wondrous beauty—
Let it grow, let it burn, let it light your way.

You who welcomes dawn, watches the day sprout and grow;
You who stands over the haze, the howls, and the orange cracks at dawn,
Bear in you the beauty of life, the rare glamour of it—
Let it grow, let it burn, let it shine its light in you.

Within you, who walks to work and works till sunset,
Blossoms else wondrous beauty, brimming with life;
In one, faints a glimmer, in another, are petals of roses—
Let it grow, let it grow, it is yours, nurture it like a baby.

When noon comes, do not eat and sleep before you learn—
Learn; water your garden of roses, nurture your flame,
Feed your fat, flesh and brains; your eyes and ears too!
When time comes, you will rest your bones; before then, learn—
Let you grow, let you burn, let you shine light your way.

Night falls, your bones are drained, o’, human!
You who burdens from dawn to dusk, o’, human!
Do not burn out, yet, do not dry out, or frail to darkness—
Light burns brightest when night falls, don’t fall out, yet!

Listen to you who speaks within, listen to you who feels things;
It is a good time to learn your language, to get to find and know you—
Think of it; close your eyes and dream of it, dream of it.
When morning comes, a flame yet burns and roses blossom.


6 thoughts on “What Is Yours Is Everlasting

  1. When morning comes, a flame yet burns and roses blossom.- this last verse is superb… You are gifted.. Nurture your talent.. 👌👌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have to admit, that verse got me too🤭 thank you so much! Thank you for reading it whole and loving it🙏 thank you for your kind words.

      Liked by 2 people

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