The Paths Of Choice

Through the gates (bonus)

Scurrying through my mind’s enveloping dark,
I clasp reason; smokey above and smokey below.
Whoosh! Whoosh! Accompany my passing,
“To the gates! To the gates!” A whisper a-side,
“Decision, make it now, no time! No better time!”
The dark is full, I scurry through; my mind is full.
“To the paths! The brown paths!” Another cry,
“The paths of choice, the paths with light!”
Whoosh! Whoosh! Acknowledge my passing,
“You shall wait! To the gates, you shall get!”
That side, I trust, and try I will, though hard.
I clasp hope; smokey above, and smokey below,
‘Come upon the gates, and, o’, the paths…
The paths so bright, o’, so, with possibilities.
The gates fling open and once, I freeze;
I have seen the light and now I feel lost.

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4 thoughts on “The Paths Of Choice

    1. Now, there are the two parts of “clasping reason, smokey above and smokey below” and “clasping hope, smokey above and smokey below”

      This is what I meant, although it is open to varied interpretations…

      When making decisions, facing choices or expecting them, you will need to hold onto reason tight. But I call it smokey, because you are in a confused/crowded state of mind.

      On hope… you are hoping to make it to the gates of decision (overcoming temptations to “decide now!”). You are hoping that you will get to the “paths of choice, the paths with light” which are full of possibilities. But hope is in itself a smokey thing to hold on to.

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  1. Thank you for your thoughts, Cheryl. I am glad you enjoyed it.

    First, I would agree that this poem can be interpreted in many different ways. You can, however, look at it this way…

    A person’s mind is crowded… we will call that person “you.” You have to make decisions at some point in life (what I call “walking through the gates of decision” but not in the poem). One side of the mind urges that you act now, and the other asks that you wait for options, since options are like light to the mind. You choose to wait till you get to the “paths of choice, the paths with light”-line 8.

    When the gates of decision fling open and the paths are there before you (bright with many possibilities), you get confused…

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