Loving, Nurturing and Living Dreams

Dreamers of day and night (bonus).

Not many things we love show appreciation, or reciprocation.
If you love something and it feels rewarding, hold on to it,
Hold on tight to it, and don’t lose it; hold it closest to your heart.
Not many things in life, will in the end matter; that will.

Your job makes the life you love possible, so, keep dreaming.
Keep working, putting effort, even where it does not deserve.
Keep pushing; purpose is not easily fulfilled in life, push on
And when night falls, don’t shut your eyes just yet— dream.

The mind is a well, unfillable, unquenchable; like its man, ingrate.
It does not get enough, it doesn’t stop asking and golloping.
Do not let it starve; you should be jailed for it—feed it.
Feed your mind like a baby and when it asks, give it more!

An early bird is never wrong; only, there are more worms than one.
Rise, when others snor, others turn and others dream; rise and dream.
Cultivate your craft in a garden of possibilities; fresh and fertile,
Then live life and feel proud of yourself—you are a work of art!


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