The Strings Of Evil V.1

Pulling Within (bonus).

“My old man used to tell me…”
Says an old man to a younger one,
“That seasons come and go.
He did not mean the climate,
The weather; o’, he did not.
See, there were these bad times;
Most times, we just watched,
Very little we could do, such times…
And then the good times—
O’, if anything good ever lasts!”

The old man sips, then goes on,
“Evil is a bad thing;
What is worse about it,
Is that it is a bad thing
That does not go away.
It roots itself, and grows, spreads;
Leaves, branches, fruits… evil fruits.
You cannot cut or root them out
That more do not grow, because, o’,
You will only end up with a plantation!”

The old man gazes at the horizon,
“Death is not the answer to life,
Nor is terror the voice of reason.
We all have it in us, the potential for evil;
All it takes is a push, a simple provocation.
But a glimmer of good also shines within;
Weary, but it lives—let it light the darkness.”

Poetry Wednesday is live! More posts are coming up…


Photo source: Pixabay

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