Update 14


I hope this update finds you well! (Sorry it is coming late).

What is new

  • Alone With Death has about two more chapters left (I could not manage to publish one yesterday). I will share the two this coming weekend.
  • I have been writing more short stories and consider finding more ways/platforms to share them.
  • I know… It is just five days to November 1st and probably not enough time… but I wish I had found these out earlier…
    • The First Line– accepts submissions for their provided first line(s). Time is running out! But hey, 300-5,000 words for fiction, so you can make it if you try.
    • Commonwealth Writers– the Commonwealth short story prize (2020-2021) accepts unpublished fiction from Commonwealth countries (2,000-5,000 words).

In case you missed it…

Last week, we had two discussions on poetry, featuring style/form and prompts.

On Poetry Wednesday, a poetic chain, The Hate You Feel, went live.

On Friday, I shared a spoken word poem (I will perform it soon):

Here are the week’s bonus poems:

Here is the story I shared on Saturday:

I was supposed to share prompts on love from last week’s post but I have not managed to make them yet. I should have something on Poetry Wednesday, nevertheless; tomorrow, we will have a discussion. See you then!

Stay safe, bye.


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