Inspiration for Expression: Love, Life and Poetry Prompts

Love, Life and Poetry Prompts

In the last discussion, we looked at poetry as a form of expression. But what comes before expression?


Many things can spark varied emotions within us. You can either carry them to a page, or bury them deep within you. If you choose to share, then that will be a source of inspiration. Inspiration leads to expression, and then creation.

Poems about life

We all go through different experiences every day and every story can be told differently, each emotion expressed uniquely. Life is a good inspiration for poetry. Two writers lead different lives, experience different feelings and have different stories to tell at the end of the day.

Life has taught us something and we all remain its students. It has shown us some face and perhaps even left us with some memories, marks. We all have something to tell or learn about life.


Here are my ideas on poems about life that you can attempt:

  1. A Ballad of Triumph– in at least 5 stanzas, write a ballad featuring life and triumph (feel free to explore other themes).
  2. Family Of Strangers: A Narrative Poem– in at least 5 stanzas, write a narrative poem featuring any or all of the following: life, friendship, family, trials, triumph (you can explore more themes).
  3. Life, The Mystery We Love: Freeform– in at least 3 stanzas, write a free-form about this mystery, life.
  4. The Legend That Lives: Epic– in at least 5 stanzas, write an epic poem about your old hero or an adventure.
  5. Scars That Burn: Elegy– in at least 3 stanzas, write an elegy about a loss or life after one. Feel free to explore death, loss, mourning and reflection.

As I announced on Monday’s Update 13, with your blessings, I would like to make a collection of all your trials and share it in November’s newsletter. If you would like to appear in it, you can attempt any or all the above prompts and make your submissions on my Contact Page.


You will be required to input:

  • Your name (it’s okay if you would like to remain anonymous)
  • Email
  • Website (optional)
  • Your message. The message area is where you can type or paste your trial(s).

For easy grouping, please use the suggested titles on your trials (you can add your own title below).

You can alternatively make your submissions directly to, with your subject as “November newsletter prompts.” For easy grouping, please refer to the above titling suggestion. Also, title each piece for multiple submissions.

Poems about love

Love is a thing so beautiful, and poetry’s sense of music, lyricism and rhythm makes one of the best ways to express emotions. You look at someone and you feel something; it could be worth a piece. You mouth those magical words, and they can never feel the same when you scribble them down on a page.

Love, like poetry, is not all beauty, however. They have dark, complimenting sides to them. Some people believe that pain, sadness and “negative” emotions are among the most profound inspirations of art. Dark poetry? Why not!

Like life, I have prompts to share with you. I will post them on Monday’s update; I hope you will love them.


Sample submission
Email submission

A spoken word poem is coming up.


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