State Of Mind

A fact about emotions,
Is their seizure of the mind;
I could feel low for days,
I would do little for days,
Never complete incapacitation,
No, the mind was always awake—
A mad man with a pen and a pad;
There is not a better friend,
No better consoler, a better listener,
Than a blank page.

Happiess is like a drug
And the mind went insane with it;
The adrenaline rush, the sunshine within—
It would inspire activity for days and days
And activity was good, it was progress,
And progress was good for the mind,
Which in such times, would be awake—
A mad man with a pen and a pad;
There is no better place to pour your joy,
A better place to scream and shout freely,
Than a blank page.

Intoxication of self
Had all the wrong and right reasons to back it—
Escape reality, escape troubles with it,
Dine with the gods, drink with the ancestors.
It caused plenty of illusions, partial insanity
And at that moment, life felt beautiful and light;
In a way, the mind was awake, and lighter.
We all have a drug, even happiness is;
You give a man a pen and a pad
And there is no imagination as boundless—
You will create worlds, you will weave words
Into a blank page.

I will not be able to make the poetry discussion today for reasons beyond my control. I will, therefore, share it tomorrow. We will also have a spoken word poem later in the day; see you!


Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

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