The Hate You Feel: A Poetic Chain (2/5)

Forgive me. I shared the third part as the second instead of this one. If you read it already, then bear with me. I will repost it after this.

Mary, Mary, Mary,
If humans could learn to shut up,
Then I would love for Mary to
Shut for good; stop talking, don’t talk to me.
But humans are different and complicated
And they do not shut up easily, o’, how sad.
I could teach her how to speak lesser words
But Mary, o’, Mary, with a husband;
A husband with a badge and a gun,
A husband with trouble on his face.
I will teach Mary some day, somehow.

Watch out for the next part!

The Hate You Feel (1/5): Rich man


The Hate You Feel (3/5): The little girl.


Photo by Charl Folscher on Unsplash

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