A Castle Of Coin

The coin was no life
But like bricks to a house,
It became inevitable
For the foundation.
The ink stole my heart;
The rustle of pages,
The wet on my fingers
As I flipped on my strokes.
But necessity robbed me
Of passion, of time
To do what I loved—
I would sleep hungry
But I could not.
I sought the coin—
It bought dinner, and dinner;
It bought comfort, and beer
And I grew fat, and fatter,
Sitting behind my desk,
Striking the keys, making coin
And more coin.
My muse went hungry
Until it starved
And I grew fat and fatter.

Sitting in my porch,
The sun hot at noon;
A beer in one hand,
A book in the other
And thoughts on my mind,
I made plans of abroad.
I saw me in an apartment,
Early morning, coffee, and work.
A day would pass, and then another;
More coin, more coin, fat account.
I was fit, healthy, and rich
But every morning,
I would watch the sun rise,
Sip my coffee and work.
Food was delivered,
Papers were delivered,
Goods were delivered,
Comfort was delivered
And all seemed well
But every day at 6 pm,
Like every morning,
I watched the sun
And I felt nostalgic;
Some emptiness within—
This place was not home,
It never could be.

The coin was no life
But like bricks to a house,
We stacked one
On top of another, and another,
Until the heap could bury us
But not me, o’, not me.
One day, seated, working,
I thought of how tired I felt.
I took a break and sighed
How much-needed!
I stretched,
Felt my muscles crackle
Like burning firewood,
Felt my back come alive,
Felt like Maggie Stiefvater
Could be perfect
Right about then
And I purchased a copy
Of The Raven Boys—
It felt rewarding;
Coin well spent.
I read it, walking out,
Feeling like…
I may never return.

Poetry Wednesday is live😍 More posts are coming up!


Photo by Troy Patterson on Unsplash

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