Update 13

I hope this update finds you well!

Better Days
Months have passed, and we have lived
Years will pass, and we will still try
Times get tough but we pull through
Better days, an endless dream, we’ll see.
©Benson Langat, 2020


A new wave of activity on Benie Writes!

  • The usual Monday updates.
  • New, and interesting discussions (including occasional interviews) on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Poetry Wednesday remains divine.
  • Spoken word poetry will be coming on Friday.
  • Short stories on Saturday and Sunday.
  • A bonus poem along with Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday posts.

What is more?

Poetry prompts.

In this week’s discussion (Thursday), we will talk about prompts and I hope to share some ideas that you can attempt.

Monthly newsletter(s).

I am preparing a monthly newsletter or more, featuring most activities on Benie Writes. If you will like the prompts and attempt them, I will be open to your submissions. With your blessings and participation, therefore, I will make a collection of all submissions and release them end of November.

Every month, I will be hosting more prompts and sharing your collective works in the newsletter with your blessings.

  • The newsletter may also feature all discussions held within a month.
  • It may feature all poems shared within a month.
  • And every third, sixth, and ninth month’s newsletters (in that order), should all go well, will include all short stories that I will have shared within that time.

What has changed?

Nearly everything:

  • The bonus poems
  • More in-depth discussions
  • Interviews
  • Spoken word poetry (in place of Meet your Characters)
  • No more scripts for now
  • Short stories on weekends
Meet your Characters

I would have loved to continue with the narratives that looked into the lives of coming characters but unfortunately, I cannot. A lot has changed on how I plan to go about creative writing.

The site will remain on. The stories will come. (I may actually try pitching (War Of) The Undying for publishing). For now, however, I would like to offer more here.


I enjoyed learning and trying script writing but I also realized that it needs plenty of time and dedication. Currently, I am more invested in books, blogging and freelancing. With time, I will revive the idea.


The not-so-short story, Alone With Death (the title is subject to change), still has about four chapters to go. Another short story is ready and waiting; so, we should have activity after activity on weekends.

In case you have not read Alone With Death, here are the seven parts (I will share a pdf at least a week upon completion):

That is all for today’s update.

Stay safe, bye!


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