Not Little Forever

Not Little Forever
Locomote he could, and explore the world, he would,
Words like streams, they come together like they should,
Beautiful words, a silent being speaks—a beautiful time in life,
Moments that should be re-lived, but cannot in this life,
Memories unlike others, unforgettable, with treasures;
Love, laugh, and warm, tiny embraces—what pleasure!
And before the walks, and the words, were talks in Greek,
Even though we do not speak Greek, we try to speak;
And then some Roman, and ancient speech, endless speech,
And before the Greek, and the Roman, and the ancient speech,
We listened to the sounds of his breathing and watched
As he smiled in his sleep, as he signalled, and as he twitched
And it was beautiful, it was filling, it still fills me.
Now I look at all the things that sadden and cannot be,
But gladden at what not little sadness does not know I have;
I smile to the things that once and ever, I could not have.
©Benson Langat, 2020

I hope to make a few more pieces a little later. See you!


Photo by Jamison McAndie on Unsplash

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