Life Through Time

Life Through Time
In the cold night, his transit begins, the time has come—he knows
In the dark night, two lie askew; one wheezes, another snores
The warmth of his tiny embrace, though sudden and unpredictable,
Love grows from a point so gentle, from a point so minimal
And 2 AM comes, the love birds sing a song so beautiful
“So soon?” No-one dares ask; the blessing is bountiful
Fragile bones soon kick the cold in the dark, cold night
One little foot up, another down, then up they go to heights
“O', he's healthy, he’s smiley,” “but sometimes he cries, and cries,”
“O', little star, little star, how beautiful are those eyes!
We love to see them when you laugh, and we laugh too
O', little star, little star, but cry, little one; we've still got you…”

And nights that once were cold are now full of love and full of laugh
And nights that once were long and slow, are now quiet and only half
I look at his little face, his beautiful smile; I smile
I think with burden, how this world so vile, o', so vile
Can be shelter, yet we shelter, I frown; I'm sad
Change is inevitable, and yet, we’ve only wanted, never had
What happens with leaders leading us astray?
Leaders that on the weak, with no mercy, prey…
What happens with a society that spreads hate?
We’re tribal, we’re racist, liars and thieves of the state

Change will remain inevitable, yet we will want, not have
Time is dynamic, we will want more and never have
©Benson Langat, 2020


Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

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