Three Woven Worlds: Update 02

The time has finally come; Three Woven Worlds is ready, and so am I! Below is the file (I figured out how to add it directly as a pdf). It’s only two simple steps now, with no need for the email: hit/click and download.

Here also, is the recital of poems 1 and 2 from This Thing Called Love.

This Thing Called Love, MP3 3.11 (1 & 2 of 11)
This Thing Called Love, MP4 3.12 (1 & 2 of 11)

Should any of the shared material have issues, feel free to comment below, and I’ll fix it ASAP. I will share more of the collection’s links tomorrow. Enjoy!

About two more posts are coming up (just poems tonight. It’s around 9 PM over here)


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