A Disappointment

Those who love, eventually learn
That love is bigger than
The letters, the words, the feels
Because when it dies, love kills.
©Benson Langat, 2020
Three Woven Worlds

The disappointment

I’m sorry, I may want to hold on a little bit to the collection. Just one more night to make sure everything is right. I hope that you’ll read Three Woven Worlds and that you’ll like it.

If you’d like to receive a free pdf copy to your email, you can send me a “hi” to davinci.monalissa@gmail.com with the subject of the email as “poetry collection.” I’ll send Three Woven Worlds in pdf and provide online links, should you be interested. You can as well DM me on Twitter or Instagram.

Better news

I am not a voice artist, but I like to try. Below, is a short recital of poems 1 and 2 from This Thing Called Love, the last part of the collection; it has 4 parts in total. I don’t know how you’ll find the audio, but I sure hope that you enjoy the pieces I’m reading, should everything else be off.

Three Woven Worlds- Benie (1 & 2 of 11) 3.11

I have so far shared two poems from Three Woven Worlds. In case you missed the first, here it is:

Love leaves the heart
Weighty, empty, and hurt
In the mind, sadness,
Nostalgia, and madness.
©Benson Langat, 2020
Three Woven Worlds

Both shared poems are bonus pieces in the book. Let me share one more piece from part II, Poetry for Self (Prompts, Challenges & Adaptations).

I look up to the sky
My hand held out, I think
Things that are out of reach
I look down, and I frown
I can almost hear her
Laugh, how beautiful!
I swear, I can see her
She smiles beautifully
I smile, my hand held out
I would touch her
But I can’t
My smile fades, I frown
She remains untouchable
Even in my dreams
©Benson Langat, 2020
Three Woven Worlds

That’s all for today; I couldn’t make a post yesterday. See you tomorrow!

Stay safe, bye.

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