Mental Health & Illness: You Helping You

The simple things; we ignore them, except when looking for a way out. Today’s discussion is not a substitute for medicine or professional help. Join me.

Eat well, exercise, drink plenty of water, breathe, relax, go out, make a friend or two, have some responsibility, and of course, sleep well. The journey to wellness is an endless one, and there are plenty more things that you can always try for a healthy mind and body.

How do you start your day? Does it begin after three hours of rest? Five? Ten? We’re all different people, and how much rest we get could be influenced by, among other factors, work, entertainment, and even our emotional statuses. If you can manage to put all that aside, however, and in a span of 24 hours, get a total of 6-8 hours of rest, then you’ll have put your mental health first. Remember that nothing, not even stressing, will matter if you get to the point of falling apart within. Take good care of yourself first, no matter what, and even your troubles or responsibilities will fall in line.

Your daily routine matters. I realized that order works beautifully for me; why don’t you try planning your day ahead? Know what you’d like to do, and allocate reasonable time to each. Whatever your routine, however, why don’t you make sure you’re eating well? Breakfast, as we know, is an important meal of the day. Go ahead and spoil yourself with a healthy diet!

I also found that exercising, however inconsistent with it I have been, is a pretty good way to free your mind while at the same time doing something great for your physical health. You don’t have to do it alone or in silence. Some motivational music could go a long way in making each session fun and worthwhile. Don’t strain yourself; what for? You can try going with something you’re sure to keep up with, while not compromising, of course, on the value of the exercise.

A hydrated body is a healthy one. Besides losing water in exercise, your body undergoes various processes that require plenty of hydration. I drink between four to eight glasses of water a day, at least three being hot/warm. I like how a steamy sip warms my inners, and I like to remain hydrated. Would you like to try?

Meditation is a life-saver! It is understandable if it takes time to grow in you. You don’t have to do it all day, a few minutes each day could suffice. On your own, you could also learn to take just a minute or two between duties or along the day to simply breathe. Take a few deep breaths, sit back, and relax.

I have mentioned duties, which I find to be quite important. Having a sense of responsibility, in a way, grounds you with purpose. Responsibility should, in my opinion, come from your heart to perform, so that you don’t feel like you have no choice, thus waking up depressed and probably sad.

The world is full of everything good and horrible; as safe as detachment can make us feel, there is ever value in connection. I appreciate my space nowadays more than ever and wouldn’t hesitate to guard it. But going out is that necessarily devil. Sharing thoughts is good. Patience is necessary around people. Listening is paramount.

Reality can be ugly, sad, and uninteresting. A sip or two from a bottle or your own kind of poison is never too bad for the soul. Have limits, though, so that intoxicants are not all you do. Cut down your consumption, and remember to have a life outside euphoria.

End your days having learned something. Be it reading a book, listening to a podcast, watching a movie, or attending something; your days may just end better when you feed your mind with something positive and extra. I believe that the mind is a well that cannot be filled. Feed it right every time you can.

The Good Book. If you are a believer, then spending a few minutes a day reading a verse from The Good Book wouldn’t be a bad idea. Prayer is also a private conversation with God. If you are a believer, why don’t you find your space and pour your heart out? There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Our minds are beautiful, and they are why we get through the day. Many times it’s not easy. At times, it’s all sunny. But that’s life. The journey to wellness can be walked through different paths and with different ideas. You may not have got what you were looking for, but get this: if you ever feel that you’re weak and almost quit, remember that you are stronger.

This is the last post I had prepared for the series of discussions on Mental Health. You can find all the four posts here.

I read a post on Medium’s The Ascent, Treating Mental Illness Without Medication, by Alexandra Piedoux. It’s an interesting 8-minute read, which prescribes the following, discussed in-depth:

  • Nutrition & diet
  • Physical activity & the outdoor
  • Social life & relationships
  • Music to improve mood & happiness
  • Aesthetics & creativity


Photo by Kea Mowat on Unsplash

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