Days turn to months, and months, years. We have perhaps never felt this better than this year. While we have the chance to live, nonetheless, we should live. Welcome to update 08.

Intro, 5s


Last week, I was able to make at least a post each day, and also made it for Poetry Wednesday, though I was inconsistent with post-by-the-hour. I decided to do poetry all week since it’s been long writing, and I thought it best to be sure that I’m fully back. Well, I am, and here’s what’s new:

Silly, but important
  • Music. On my side and bottom Menus, I used to share some of my favorite music. I haven’t done that in a while. Today, a new track is on, and a short playlist below; I’ll be updating them every Monday.
  • About. I have updated my About Page; there have been a few changes since the launch of Benie Writes.

Coming up

  • Let’s talk mental health! For the next two weeks, I’d like us to talk about mental health. I have gathered some thoughts and would love to hear from you too; let’s talk! The first post will go up tomorrow, and the second, this coming Thursday. The third will go up next Tuesday, and the final next Thursday.
  • Whoanoua. Now that I’m settled, I can resume working on Whoanoua. One chapter is still in drafts, waiting for another before I can share them. The next update will hopefully have more.
  • Poetry collection. This has been a long time coming; I’ll have it ready soon! I’m still exploring poetry forms that I haven’t tried and would like to add a few more to the collection.

In case you missed it

That’s all for today; see you tomorrow!

Stay safe, bye.

Charlie Puth- Free (From “The One and Only Ivan”)

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